Parts of the country have been hit with record-breaking snowfall this year, and although towns have consistently reminded residents to clear the snow from their walkways, who can keep up? Between the blizzards and the melting and freezing, it’s tough to keep up with all of the necessary shoveling and ice clearing.

But what if you skipped a day and someone out walking their dog hits a patch of ice and slips and falls on your property? Your homeowners insurance should cover their injury. Most insurance policies carry a no-fault medical provision that would come into play if a pedestrian was injured. This provision does not require anyone to prove that the homeowner was at fault.

The reason for this is that a slip and fall on snow or ice is notoriously difficult to prove. Snow falls, ice melts and freezes, and unless the injured person takes a picture of your sidewalk at the time of his injury, there’s no proof that your sidewalk was hazardous. In addition, people who live in snowy climates are expected to take some responsibility for themselves. Anyone out walking their dog after a blizzard in frigid temperatures should be on the lookout for hazards -- after all, they appear quickly!

As long as the homeowner took reasonable action to make their property safe, which includes shoveling, not scraping every inch of ice from their walkway, the no-fault medical provision will cover those injured in slip and fall accidents. 

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